Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dan Saban in Sun City

Late last week Dan Saban held a Town Hall in Sun City for about 100 residents. I was happy to get notice of the event, and decided to check it out. I hoped that the self-proclaimed "Toughest Sheriff in America" would be in attendance so that the two candidates could square off on the critical law enforcement issues facing our community. The Sheriff however did not appear. Maybe he had a book signing. Maybe he's just scared to debate Mr. Saban.

Anyhow, the event went off very well. Saban addressed the crowd for about 25 minutes and then opened it up for a question and answer session. Most in attendance wanted to know what Mr. Saban would do to make their community safer. Frustrated residents recounted stories of burglaries and criminal damage occurring with limited investigation or resolution. Mr. Saban explained that his priority as Sheriff will be to increase Public Safety and end the all too common Abuses of Power exhibited during the 16 year Arpaio tenure.

Safe streets and good government? Sounds about right to me. If I were Deputy Hendershot, I might try to get in a few more Honduran scuba trips before November…


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