Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Joe's Numbers are Sinking

The new Behavior Research Center's Rocky Mountain Poll was just released - it shows that if the election were held today Joe Arpaio would be leading Dan Saban 52% - 38% with 10% undecided.

However, this is with a 5% Margin of Error - meaning that the race could actually be 47%-43% with 10% undecided.

Also of note...Arpaio's Negatives continue to rise. In November of 2007 Negatives were at 16% - now they are at 28%.

Possibly the most concerning for Arpaioites - only 65% of Republicans plan on backing the Sheriff this time around. For Dan Saban this news has to be huge. First off, he had 44% of us voting for him 4 years ago in the Primary. If he can get anywhere near that (roughly 50K-60K actual votes) from registered Republicans Arpaio is done. Heck, if Saban can get 20% of the Repulican vote Arpaio's day's are over.

Finally, this could also be seen in Democratic circles as reason to start backing Saban financially.



Samuel Isaac Richard said...


I saw these numbers today, as well, but I didn't even think to include the margin of error. Great call!

To catch those undecided voters, and to swing some more Republicans, we'll need a bigger bank account. If a new sheriff is important to those reading this, please consider donating to the Saban Campaign!

President, ASU For Dan Saban

TommyC said...

As a Republican, and retired law enforcement officer, I can say that Mr. Arpaio is indeed an embarrassment to professional law enforcement. His repeated refusals to work as part of a team of law enforcement in Arizona clearly demonstrates his self aggrandizing posture to be King. He has long ago lost any ideal for what Sheriff might actually be and he feels he is King of Joedom. Dan Saban, an accomplished professional, is the clear choice, regardless of YOUR political affiliation, for Sheriff of Maricopa County as of November 4, 2008. We cannot continue to tolerate the antics of this clown, Mr. Arpaio. It's time to put a REAL PROFESSIONAL into the office.

Anonymous said...

Your math is just a little bit flawed in that you fail to account for the differences between republican and democratic voters.

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Find out a lot more about Dan Saban, too. He lacks the moral character to be a dog catcher, let alone Sheriff.

Get the facts before you vote!

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