Sunday, September 7, 2008

Joe Arpaio Refuses to Sign the Goldwater Institute Open Government Pledge!

In yet another example of Joe Arpaio defying the tenants of Republican Politics and Conservative Principle, he has decided not to sign the Goldwater Institute Open Government Pledge.

The Pledge says in part; I pledge to abide by the spirit and letter of Arizona’s Public Records Act and Open Meetings Law; and support legislation or initiatives that promote openness and transparency within government.

Why won't Joe Arpaio sign something as simple as this?

Why does Arpaio refuse to abide by laws such as the Public Records Act?

Why does Arpaio still call himself a Republican?

I am pleased to announce that 116 office seekers did sign the pledge; including Dan Saban.

It's time for Joe Arpaio to Sign the Pledge and respect the Law.



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