Friday, September 12, 2008

Joe's Internal Polling Not Looking So Good

The Keaton household always liked a good laugh - and this one's a knee slapper. Apparently Joe Arpaio tossed a poll up on his re-election site about a year ago. Well, apparently some people found out about it and decided they would go vote. As reported by Steve Lemons over at New Times, the results didn’t turn out very well for the Sheriff as 52% of respondents indicated that they would "Absolutely Not" vote for Arpaio this year.

If the results of this poll weren’t amusing enough, check this out. Apparently the Sheriff was so angry about the results - he wiped the poll clean. Yesterday over 2500 votes had been cast - today, the poll reported that 11 votes had been submitted.

So, presumably you are asking, what's the big deal? Internet polls are worthless. Well, your right, they are worthless. But aside from the humor of Arpaio being beat in his own poll there is something of substance here.

Joe Arpaio has routinely cited internet polling over the years. Most recently when he had a flap with Phil Gordon and publically touted approval ratings of 86%. On July 15th, 2008 Joe Arpaio went on KTAR and told Darrell Ankarlo, "A poll came out today. It said 86 percent support me." The poll he was referencing was Chanel 10 News' poll of the day; there were less then 200 respondents.

The larger issue here is that Joe Arpaio feels the need to lie to voters. Mr. Arpaio is so concerned with his public image he has forgotten why he was elected in the first place 16 years ago - to be fiscally responsible and protect the public. His focus should be on these issues - not rigging polls on his own re-election site.

Yet another reason to support Mr. Saban - no celebrity, no fake polls, just honest to goodness law enforcement.


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