Thursday, October 2, 2008

Arpaio is a Liar and a Coward!

Well, things must be getting close for Arpaio on his internal numbers, because he has decided to unleash an ad that is ugly and false. All of the allegations used have been proven to be false - years ago. This is a disgusting ad - and Arpaio is a coward for running away from Saban.

While not surprising, it's sad for me to see that Dan Saban, a man that has devoted his life to law enforcement and protecing our community has to become yet another victim of Arpaio's ambition for power. Sandra Dowling, Patrick Haab, Sgt. Lovejoy, Lee Watkins, etc, etc, etc....anyone that stands in front of Arpaio is attacked.

Arpaio should stop being a coward and debate Saban face to face, man to man.



Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry there, Alex, but all three of the allegations in the ad have been admitted to be true by Saban himself.

He told KTAR's Darrel Ankarlo that he did masturbate, but it was only once, 20 years ago, while he was a reserve deputy, while on a coffee break, at home.
Lot's of excuses, but it's still true.

I don't know about you, but I think he could've waited until his shift ended.

Did he go out and write tickets afterwards?

For the real truth about Saban, go to

Alex P. Keaton said...


What's up with that blog of yours? Are you 12? Jerky?

Face it, your boy Joe is just a coward that won't face Dan Saban in a debate. And attacking a victim of child abuse is pathetic.


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