Thursday, October 2, 2008

Arpaio/Wilincheck/Hendershott - liars and cowards

Channel 12 is breaking a story that pretty much puts the disgusting attack ad against Saban right at Joe Arpaio's doorstep. While the old Sheriff is too cowardly to stand up and face Saban man to man - it looks like he was willing to use his top deputy, David Hendershot to sling lies against Saban months ago. By the by, almost as insulting as the attack ad is the fact that Hendershot brings in over $250,000 a year as a COUNTY EMPLOYEE!!! And what does he do for that quarter of a million from your pocket? Clear out Joe's political opponents.

Also interesting from this story is that Dennis Wilinchek plays a central role. You might know Wilincheck as the private attorney that has racked up millions in your tax dollars handling cases that the County Attorney's Office should be able to farm out in house.


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