Friday, October 10, 2008


My fellow readers, there have been a number of horrible accusations and outright lies thrown at Dan Saban during the course of this campaign by Joe Arpaio. Apparently the Sheriff believes there's enough time to organize a smear campaign - but not enough time to debate issues critical to our safety. That's unfortunate. But you, and your friends and family should know, unlike some previous elections, this year we have more options then four more years of Joseph Arpaio.

I would like you to meet Dan Saban. See him for yourself. He was born in Arizona and although he was raised in a home with physical and mental abuse he overcame this hardship to be an honorable and honored law officer. Dan and his two brothers all entered the law enforcement field. Dan distinguished himself as a member of the Mesa Police Department. He literally put his life on the line and received numerous awards from the department for bravery and honorable law enforcement conduct. More importantly for our future Sheriff, while he was at Mesa, he also worked with other departments (including the MCSO) in order to form task forces to fight crime. He retired from the Mesa Police Department in 2004 after over 30 years in law enforcement to run for Sheriff with the goal of restoring the good leadership to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and to restructure it to increase efficiency. He recognizes that the Constitution of the United States is paramount in pursuing the police power of the State in a way consistent with liberty. Dan Saban's position.

Dan Saban has a plan to reduce crime, effectively control immigration, and increase the efficiency of the Sheriff's Office. The Plan.

Dan Saban is a man who is as honest as the day is long. You won't have to listen to a constant drone of public relations stunts out of his office. His idea of doing a good job is to stay out of the press and do his job. Please consider voting Dan Saban for Sheriff.



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Anonymous said...

Now, why would you have to go and say such rubbish?

Dan is not at all honest:
YouTube Video

Hey,'re in that one, too!

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