Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wasting your tax money for Joe's High Rise Diggs

I talk often with friends, family, colleagues, really pretty much anyone that will listen to me about the amount of money that Joe Arpaio spends every year that just doesn't need to be spent. See, as a Conservative, I've always believed that good public servants avoid personal excess, or at least avoid riding the tax payer to finance it.

Anyway, in 1998 (two yeas after his election) Arpaio and his top executives moved out of the inexpensive Sheriff's office in the jail to take up shop in the Wells Fargo building. Today the Sheriff remains there, sitting in a in a wood paneled Penthouse on the 19th floor. This office costs us taxpayers $650,000 per year in rent and an additional $135,000 in maintenance fees per year. Facts. It originally cost $500,000 to install the electronics.

While the financial cost is significant - there is another point as well; the Sheriff is in charge of the jails and the law enforcement of the unincorporated areas in Maricopa County, shouldn't he be close to the jails and to his men and not next to the lawyers, bureaucrats and companies in the Well Fargo building? Why weren't the old jail offices fancy enough for Arpaio? Why is he making us foot the bill for his excess? When will Arpaio put the taxpayers first, and his ego second?



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Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure your figures are correct, but regardless, the sheriff and staffers moved out of jail offices to make room for an expanded communications center around 1999. There are no offices in the jails, and even though several jails we just built, they're already getting overcrowded. And no, not because of illegals. Phoenix PD arrests and books far more than anyone else, including MCSO.

The county selected the wells fargo building for Arpaio and his staffers to allow the communications (911) center to be built in their existing offices, rather than fund a much more expensive complete building to house the communications center in.

At one time, the county was considering purchasing the wells fargo building to handle all the expansion required for downtown operations including two jails, courts, etc. The county leases space in several buildings downtown for several departments.

You should swing by the 19th floor sometime. You can hardly call it lush, and it certainly isn't a penthouse.

And what other location would you consider central to both east mesa and avondale???

The problem with the Saban campaign is that he always takes the truth and twists it, saying only part of it and creating lies out it.

If your candidate is so strong, why does he have to lie to make any points??

Be sure to bring up the 40K warrants that nobody is serving, too, even though about 40k get served every year because about 40k come in. You didn't think that in the past 4 years no warrants were issued did you? Saban whined about 40k warrants last election, too.

for the real truth go to:

Republicans For Saban Web Site!