Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Arizona Conservative Endorses Saban!

Endorsements from The Arizona Conservative have been announced, and I'm pleased to see that Dan Saban is their choice for Sheriff. The more people I seem to talk to on a daily basis, the more I find that people are just tired of all the celebrity media stunts and Honduran scuba trips associated with Joe Arpaio. It's time to elect a new Sheriff. It's time to elect Dan Saban.



Anonymous said...

You should get out more...
Or maybe try someplace other than Tempe or Guadalupe.

I keep asking people if they know who's running against Sheriff Joe and they keep telling me "Who'd be stupid enough to do that????"

Maybe 1 in 8 has even ever heard the name Saban before...and these are not typical Joe fans...just friends and neighbors.

It's a pipe dream, Dan, sorry.

TommyC1 said...

Bob, I live in north Phoenix and spend a lot of time in Scottsdale. I talk to a lot of affluent anglo voters from both major parties, and they really do know there is a current sheriff who needs to go. The more we talk about this the more people will become educated on the reality of things. One thing is VERY clear - arpaio has to go, and we are working very hard to see this goal is realized.

Anonymous said...

Arpaio doesn't share the views of Reagan or Barry Goldwater any longer. I have voted for him in the past but no longer will.
There is much to be fixed in the line of finances in Maricopa County. I'm embarrassed that it takes a radical like Sal Reza to point out the wasteful Tax dollars being poured into Wells Fargo for rent when we are facing one of the worst financial crisis we have seen in years. 675,000/year and double that for Andrew Thomas.
We,as conservatives should be the first to point this out and fix it instead of having it pointed out by a bunch of liberal protesters. It would take just one month of Wells Fargo rent to upgrade the cameras and increase the staff at 4th Ave Jail so we do not have anymore deaths or lawsuits.

Saban takes a tough and responsible stance on immigration. We need a Sheriff that can work with the city police departments. Arpaio is really an embarrassment to the republican party.

I have always voted a straight republican ballet. But this time I will vote for Saban for Sheriff, Nelson for County Attorney and Marilyn Fox for BOS.

We cannot keep rewarding those that have let us down
and waste our money and call ourselves conservatives any longer. We need to lead by example.

Republicans For Saban Web Site!