Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Republicans Backing Saban


Exurban Jon said...

Hi Alex,

FYI, Exurban League has unloaded on Arpaio again. I also designed and placed a "Republican for Saban" graphic in our sidebar, linking to Dan's site. Feel free to use it if you want!

Keep fighting the good fight,

Alex P. Keaton said...

Great Jon! It's been great to have you on board! The fight continues for 17 more days!


Anonymous said...

This is what you're fighting for???
Dan Saban caught in a lie

Anonymous said...

Bob, you are just plain goofy. Nobody, yes nobody, takes your stuff seriously, other than maybe arpaio and you. Ok, maybe your wife, but I doubt it. You come to this site and do what you can, but it's too little, and way too late. You should have been working on getting 'rubber lips arpaio' to shut his mouth a year ago, and engage in some professional law enforcement (he has a few underlings who could guide him). Instead you choose to type away and think that you might get the attention of a few miscreants who have just been released from jail, or immigrated to the States, and don't know the truth about arpaio. Your words are nothing more than a whisper in a hurricane. Save your energy Bob. Maybe someone close to you might want to share it, eh?

TommyC1 said...

The previous 'anonymous' post was by me. I apparently clicked the wrong button and I WANT to take credit for my thoughts.

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